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This is a great question.  The short answer is Yes, you have the option of renting a box truck for your new freight business at various rental truck suppliers: Budget, Enterprise, Ryder, Penske, City Rent A Truck to name a few.

That being said, there is a shortage of box trucks available in 2021 because of Covid so the rates I’ve seen from rental truck suppliers is astronomically high. You’ll need to work with your insurance agent on providing a general description of what type of truck you plan to rent in order to receive your insurance quotes.

After securing the truck, provide your agent your VIN number to lock in your coverage.

To follow up on that, the next question I was hit with is if they can procure insurance through the truck rental service? While you can purchase insurance through them, that won’t grant you operating authority through the FMCSA.

FMCSA requires federal filings from your insurance carrier:

  1. BMC-91 (public liability insurance: bodily injury/property damage/environmental restoration).
  2. MCS-90 (endorsement for motor carrier policies of insurance).

Once those federal filings are in place, you’ll be granted your authority.

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